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Portuguese Smart Cities and Technologies

AICEP-Portuguese Trade and Investment Agency is launching a campaign about Smart Cities to promote projects and solutions from Portuguese companies in the international market. Exclusively in a digital format, this campaign will run throughout 2023 and initially target the Spanish market. The transversality of the theme will take the drive to other destinations and make known the Portuguese offer known, focusing on innovative services related to smart cities.


This campaign will present and showcase innovative solutions to make cities smarter and promote citizens' welfare. All the solutions are created and implemented by Portuguese cities. We will also highlight technologies and services that enable the efficient management of water resources and energy efficiency that aim to create a more sustainable world. Environment, Energy, Mobility, and Governance are the key ideas of this campaign and are present in all the projects we will communicate.


The campaign aims to support the growth of this cluster in international markets, presenting the capabilities of Portuguese players to act in any market as problem solvers, adapting solutions to the requirements of each city or territory under intelligent management.


The Projects, companies and cities that develop innovative management models are the campaign's fundamental players, reinforcing the importance of achieving zero climate impact by 2030 while promoting residents' well-being and providing quality citizenship.


The campaign goes under the motto Portugal Makes Sense, a brand created by AICEP to reinforce Portugal's competencies as an innovative, talented, and technologically sustainable country.


With the motto Changing the Future Together, the campaign presents a promotional video illustrating the Portuguese innovation capacity and talent in the smart cities area, highlighting different solutions and technologies in Portuguese locations.