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Guimarães, a sustainable and digital city

The city of Guimarães is increasingly recognised as a Smart City due to the innovative solutions and strategies it has invested in to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, aiming to build a more sustainable SMART future for the next generations.


To reduce the impact of gas emissions, Guimarães is investing in car traffic management solutions to control traffic congestion and facilitate parking in the city. Soft mobility is a major priority. Encouraging the use of more sustainable and healthier means of transport is what the municipality has tried to implement by creating cycle paths, green spaces, and safe circuits in the city and by investing in and making electric bicycles available.


To prevent flooding in the downtown area, retention basins were created to manage the flow and speed of the water, controlling the flow and thus avoiding flood situations.

Aiming to reduce the carbon footprint, using renewable energies has been the big challenge. The City Council designed the Gymnastics Academy building, an example of adopting smarter and more sustainable strategies and constructions. The building is covered with 100% plant-based material, cork, with a ventilation system that maintains the appropriate temperature for each year's season.


The City's Operations Centre manages water resources, urban waste, mobility solutions and security, contributing to the quality of life of its inhabitants.