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Barreiro creates innovative system for municipal waste management

The Municipality of Barreiro is developing a pilot project to manage waste deposits regarding access, blockages, disposal statistics and cross-referencing information with volume sensors. This is possible thanks to containers incorporated in the access controls. This solution aims to create a governance model that promotes sustainability and efficiency in contemporary cities.


The municipality implemented this intelligent waste management system through a web-based management platform that aggregates all the information collected from the various data sources and provides for implementing radio frequency identification technology in the means assigned to the selective bio-waste collection system, vehicles and containers. It also has a back-office system for data processing and monitoring.


The benefits of applying this programme are many, from more integrated and intelligent management of the waste collection system to optimised circuit planning, reducing the number of complaints and obtaining much more precise statistical data and indicators of the service's operational efficiency.


Also, in the scope of the National Environmental Education Strategy 2023 programme, Barreiro intends to develop an app where real-time information will be available on the location of waste disposal equipment, waste collection circuits and the filling level of containers, and environmental awareness content.