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Waste collection in Cascais is 100% electric

Created in 2005, Cascais Ambiente's mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the Portuguese municipality of Cascais and improve its residents' and visitors' quality of life.


Cascais Ambiente is responsible for managing the municipality's public spaces to ensure the preservation of the environment, biodiversity and the fight against climate change. The 100% electric truck is one of its most recent projects and aims to contribute to a more sustainable urban waste collection.


Equipped with a superstructure for solid urban waste collection, it has a gross weight of up to 27 tonnes, a power of 225 kW/300 hp, and a range of up to 200 km, meeting the climate objectives set by Cascais Ambiente. It is more environmentally friendly, essential for decarbonisation, and produces less noise pollution. The municipality of Cascais also has operation hydrogen-powered buses and another Zero Diesel vehicle.