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Ubiwhere supports effcient municipal waste management

Ubiwhere is a Portuguese technology company that develops innovative solutions for smart cities. The Smart Waste Management System project ensures effective management of urban waste collection. 


The European project LIFE PAYT encourages Portuguese municipalities to adopt a system of municipal waste fees PAYT - pay as you throw - for the prevention and separation of waste, thus contributing to more efficient management of resources and implementation of environmental policies.


The Smart Waste Management System, developed by Ubiwhere, aims to facilitate the management of municipal waste collection in cities. The system includes placing sensors with low energy consumption and durability in traditional waste containers, allowing control of the state of the container, its location and safety, and facilitating the work of the collection team. Route optimization, the container occupancy indicator and the anomaly alert are some of the main features of this technology.


Ubiwhere also supports the management of municipal resources through the Urban Platform. This platform allows a global and integrative view of data related to urban waste, traffic, and air quality. This information is presented in a 3d picture and on a single screen, where the technician can customize his dashboard and select the most relevant data for the municipality.


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