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Six new GIRA bike stations in Lisbon

EMEL, the company responsible for the GIRA bicycle service in Lisbon, recently inaugurated six new stations, bringing the total number to 146 stations and 2,873 parking docks, an expansion that aims to improve the operation of the service in the city of Lisbon, providing greater convenience to users. The new stations for GIRA bicycles are distributed throughout several areas of Lisbon, ensuring greater mobility in city travel and contributing to environmental sustainability.


Recently, holders of the Navegante card (pass for public transport in the Lisbon metropolitan area) gained free access to the shared bicycle network. This integration between different modes of transport encourages the adoption of more sustainable options and contributes to a significant reduction of traffic and pollution in the streets of Lisbon.


Since the launch of the bike-sharing network in Lisbon in 2017, more than 9 million trips have been made on GIRA bikes. Most of the bikes circulating in the Portuguese capital are electric.