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Plan your next trip with MobiCascais

How do cities face the challenges? And climate change? How do they improve the quality of life in their habitats? These are some of the questions that the Municipality of Cascais wants to answer through innovative projects such as MobiCascais.


To have the world in the palm of your hands. This a statement you've almost certainly heard before, but which never made more sense than today.


Technology's (unstoppable) evolution has made society more connected than ever. Now you can access all kinds of real-time information and communicate with any part of the world. You can share your achievements and make new connections. And that power is just in the palm of our hands. It's in what technology has identified as a smartphone.


Technology has the power to improve the lives of citizens. With this in mind, Cascais developed the app MobiCascais, which aims to make it easier for its residents to travel so that they can reach their destination more quickly and help reduce climate impact.


Cascais has a pioneering model of free public road transport for residents, students, and workers in the municipality to encourage public transport use and a network of available means of transportation through an app, Mobicascais, available throughout the entire municipality.


Mobicascais is an app that focuses on the user, endowed with an intuitive user experience, complete and available for all devices. Want to get to know your new travel companion better? With Mobicascais, you can personalize your experience; all you need to do is log in. In or out of Cascais, you can plan any journey and have all your trips within an app for your reference whenever needed. In addition, you can plan your day-to-day and your travels.