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Pinhal Novo with a new park of 22,000 solar panels

In Pinhal Novo, the first photovoltaic park in Portugal was inaugurated as part of Voltalia's Garrido Complex, composed of five solar plants. With an investment of 11 million euros, the park has an installed capacity of 11.8 MW and around 22,000 solar panels. The estimated annual production is 24.3 GW, enough to supply nearly 20 thousand people. With the energy generated by this solar park, one calculates a yearly reduction of 6,400 tons of carbon emissions.


The Garrido Complex, which includes this solar park, comprises four other parks: Alcochete, Antuzede, Vale Serrão and Oliveira de Frades. This complex represents an investment of 50 million euros, has an installed capacity of 50.6 MW and a total annual production capacity of 96.7 GWh, obtained through more than 94,000 solar panels.


The energy generated by the complex will be enough to supply approximately 73,000 people and will allow for a reduction of more than 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.