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Oeiras wants to reduce the use of individual transport by 43%

Oeiras City Hall wants to increase the use of public transport by 36% and soft mobility by 25%, which will allow a reduction in the use of individual vehicles by 40%. The goal is to reduce 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the municipality.


Implementing the strategy will involve the creation of innovative projects capable of bringing more efficiency to the city's transportation system.


The local authority intends to reactivate the Oeiras Automatic Urban Transport System (SATUO), adjusting it to current needs, which may involve a connection to the Sintra line, a neighbouring Council of Oeiras, serving the relevant business and housing centres of both municipalities.


Regarding soft mobility, Oeiras intends to improve cycle paths from 17 to 50 kilometres and implement a shared bicycle system planned for the second half of 2023. It will also increase pedestrian paths in the municipality.


Also, to reduce carbon emissions in the city, the local authority intends to create 300 more charging stations for electric vehicles in the municipality.