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EDP develops innovative solution for heating water

EDP Ventures, through British startup Mixergy, invested 1.7 million euros in developing an innovative technology that, using advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques, provides significant savings in water heating, efficiently using solar energy and optimising the management of available resources. With this technology, the water heating time is five times faster.


The technology analyses a family's consumption patterns to determine the hot water required. Based on this data, the system uses the grid's electrical energy during the night to guarantee hot water for morning consumption and, during the day, takes advantage of the surplus solar energy generated to heat water intended for later consumption, making this heating free of charge and maximising the benefits of solar energy.


The EDP - Mixergy solar device is controlled by an app, dispensing with the need for human intervention to guarantee results. Functioning as a residential water battery, this solution optimises using renewable energy for self-consumption, considerably reducing the amount of power sent to the electricity grid and, simultaneously, ensuring a reduction in environmental impact.


According to the company's information gathered through tests on Portuguese families, this technology will save up to 60% in energy for heating water, a difference that becomes greater for those who still use gas heating.